Sunday, November 25, 2007

Create this English Blog

I create this “English” blog for several reasons:

  • I have a dream that traveling around the world in the near future, knowing other culture and introducing foreigners to know my beautiful home-Formosa, Taiwan.

    Motivate myself to keep contact with English no matter how busy I am.

    Make friends around the world and build worldwide point of view.

Although my English is not good enough, readers may still find some stupid faults in my article (If so, please tell me…). I still just have this blog opened, for I know I will be more and more good at it.

**If you want to leave message...English only, here.**


ioksin said...

I guess, I'll have the honor to be the first person to drop a few lines on your new blog. This surely seems to be a good start to achieve your dreams, please do keep it going! :)

Chuan said...

thanks for the encourgement!
I still need your help in correcting my English writing:P